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Meet the Top 8 Wineries in the World, and Why They’re So Special

Meet the Top 8 Wineries in the World, and Why They’re So Special

Meet the Top 8 Wineries in the World, and Why They’re So Special

Wine is the most complicated drink on the globe. No two bottles are alike, and each glass you enjoy is a world of pleasure. You can learn so much from every drop of our favourite fermented juice!

When saying one wine bottle is better than another, things get a bit complicated. We all like different wine styles and have our preferred varietals. Having said that, some estates are just above the rest, whether it’s for their outstanding terroir or their innovative spirit. Here are the top wineries in the world and why we think they deserve to be on the list.

1. Bodega Garzón, Uruguay

Bodega Garzón is not only the largest and most respected winery in Uruguay, South America’s hidden gem and source of great-value wines. Garzón single-handedly has put the small country on the wine map, especially with its superb renditions of the lesser-known grape Tannat. 

2. Montes, Chile

Chile is well-positioned as a source of fine wine infused with a lively South American spirit. And today, it’s not only structured red wines but crisp, coastal white wines as well. Behind this authentic wine revolution, you’ll find Montes and its flagship wines Montes Alpha. Pioneers of ultra-premium Chilean wines and protectors of the noble grape Carmenere, Montes has done everything right from the start. 

3. Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, USA

The year was 1976 when Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars defeated France’s most acclaimed wines in a blind tasting, the famous ‘Judgment of Paris.’ Stag’s Leap has been consistent ever since, and despite the fierce competition in California, they continue to produce wine of extraordinary quality and age-worthiness, year in and year out. 

4. Quinta do Crasto, Portugal

Going back to the year 1615, Quinta do Crasto has played an essential role throughout the Douro Valley’s history, home of the famous sweet Port wine. It was the winery’s dry wines, though, that make the estate one of the finest on the planet. No one ever thought robust, dry red wines based on the grape Touriga Nacional, could come from the region’s rolling hills, and today they’re amongst the finest in the category.

5. Weingut Dr. Loosen, Germany

Germany might be better known for its beer traditions, but the vineyards along the Mosel River are just awe-inspiring. Tending these steep vineyards alone is worthy of respect but harvesting those grapes and transforming them in the most luscious, sweet and dry Riesling wines is on another level. Dr. Loosen spearheads the wine category and has made it one of the most coveted by collectors. 

6. Château Margaux, France

One of the few Premier Cru Estates in Bordeaux, Château Margaux might very well be the most excellent rendition of the now popular blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Often imitated but never duplicated, Margaux is the inspiration for almost every red wine being made today. It comes without saying its wines are also amongst the most expensive in the market. 

7. Maison Taittinger, France

Sparkling wines can come from everywhere, but Champagne, there’s only one. The prominent northern wine region is home to several dozen Maisons, but Taittinger is one of the few still run by its original family. The Taittinger family runs this billion-dollar business with warmth, as if it still were a small family operation. Taittinger leads Champagne in innovation, too, appealing to old and new generations alike. 

8. Antinori, Italy

Italian wines are incredibly sophisticated; the country alone has over 2,000 native grapes. With so many producers to choose from, it’s only natural to select the one with the deepest roots. Antinori has helped shape the country’s wine scene in Tuscany, crafting both traditional Chianti and bold new-age Super Tuscans. 26 generations of an acclaimed vinous undertaking. 

This is just a drop in the bucket!

With hundreds of thousands of dedicated wine producers in all corners of the earth, it’s impossible not to leave out prestigious estates that could easily be number one. The fantastic wineries above, though, are also worthy representatives of a popular wine style, and they talk for their entire regions.

Which are your favourite wineries? We’d love to know! Let’s get the conversation started and continue growing this wine-loving community. If something brings people together, it has to be wine.



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