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5 European sparkling wines for a Merry Bubbly Christmas

5 European sparkling wines for a Merry Bubbly Christmas

5 European sparkling wines for a Merry Bubbly Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner! To celebrate in style, join us on this European trip where we recommend you five different sparkling wines that will delight your loved ones!

Pardon my French… The king of all celebrations, we all know, is champagne. Only the wines coming from the northeastern French region with the same name can be called champagne. If you can splurge (+40GBP), Bollinger, Tattinger, Moët Chandon, or Veuve Cliquot are always safe bets and will make you look regal. If your budget is a bit tighter, Waitrose’s own brand Blanc de Noirs is a good choice (around 24GBP).

A Spanish affair… Cava is the best well known Spanish sparkling wine and has nothing to envy champagne. And it’s less pricey! Unlike the French relative, cava can be made in different regions of Spain: Catalonia, Valencia and Extremadura. Juvé y Camps (15 GBP) or Freixenet (11GBP) are traditional, elegant and stylish. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have their own Cava proposals at a mode adjusted budget that are not to be missed.

The Italian Job... Prosecco is the best known sparkling from Italy. Made in the northern region of Veneto with Pinot Grigio grapes, no one can deny prosecco is en vogue. It is an excellent choice as an aperitif due to its refreshing acidity and elegant petillance (the fizzy sensation on your tongue). A bit sweeter than Champagne and Cava, it pairs with savoury food and even with fruit. Corte dei Rovi and Follador are great value for money (below 15GBP) or choose Valdo Oro Puro for a more affordable option (8,99GBP)

Let's talk about sekt... Sekt is the German name for sparkling. Most sekt is made with wine sourced from everywhere in Europe and made sparkling in tanks in Germany. However, Winzersekt is made with 100% estate grapes, through the traditional method, 9 months in its lees in the bottle. We dare you to try Julius Treis' Prestige sekt (approx. 23GBP), made with Riesling, from the prestigious region of Mosel. A more affordable option also made with Riesling would be Karl Pfaffman's trocken (dry) (8,34GBP).

Go local! In the past 30 years, there has been a boom in sparkling wine production here in the UK, and even though they’re notorious as their continental cousins, they definitely worth a try! On the high end, we recommend you to check Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs (59GBP), a serious proposal. For value for money, give Ridgeview Marksman a try (13GBP). It doesn’t disappoint!

Whether you're celebrating with friends or with family, you can be sure that these recommendations will make quite an impression! Enjoy!

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